San Francisco

Uber introduced Uber Money in October of 2019. A financial product to help customers manage their money. This project was a beautiful collaboration of many talented people on Ubers brand experience team.

My role was translating the brand concept and design, into a unique and conceptual photographic approach. I was responsible for the art direction and ultimately shot and colour graded the images due to time constraints of the launch.

  • April Larivee - Alarivee_Uber_Money_3
  • April Larivee - Alarivee_Uber_Money_32
  • Credit: Joan Pons, Braz de Pina

  • April Larivee - Alarivee_Uber_Money_35
  • Credit: Braz de Pina

  • April Larivee - Alarivee_Uber_Money_1 copy3
  • April Larivee - Alarivee_Uber_Money_1 copy4
  • April Larivee - Alarivee_Uber_Money_2
  • April Larivee - Alarivee_Uber_Money_22
  • April Larivee - Case_Study_Uber_Money10
  • April Larivee - Case_Study_Uber_Money11
  • April Larivee - Case_Study_Uber_Money12
  • April Larivee - Case_Study_Uber_Money14
  • April Larivee - Case_Study_Uber_Money15

Uber Money

Brand Experience Team. Lead by Creative Director Peter Markatos

Lead brand designer
Braz de Pina

Art director, Brand designer and Project Manager
Kevin Funkhouser

Art director, photographer, color grading
April Larivee

Brand product design lead
Joan Pons

Aldo Hernandez

Full project here