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Oakley Projects

Ducati Fuel Cell Promotion

This was an Oakley/Ducati collaboration. The Ducati Fuel Cell and Holbrook glasses were promoted in store in N3L. The window displays featured a motorcycle (in main window only), pedestal display for glasses, window clings, and layered hanging graphics. Various other graphics were displayed in POP and trippers. Event shirts were made for employees during the promotion.


Fall Catalog Concept

A retro visual approach was briefed for the fall 2012 Winter catalog. These are concepts created for the catalog design. I used inspiration from old national geographic images that have a very unique look and feel for color, composition and awkward posing.


Shaun White Window Concept

The new Shaun White Airbrake goggles were about to hit stores. This was a window display concept using Shaun's multi-sport abilities for inspiration along with research of microscopic snowflake structures. The idea was to build a multi faceted sculpture out of lenticular lens. The sculpture would shimmer and evolve as you move through space.