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Nissan Sentra Prelaunch and Launch Brochure

The Nissan Sentra launch and prelaunch brochures were created on the cusp of Nissans new brand direction. The Sentra is a vehicle targeted to a young up-and-coming demographic. The imagery created needed to meet the energy of this aspiring audience.

This was my first significant project for Nissan. From creative brief, I was responsible for the design and direction of the pre launch and launch brochure. I concepted with one of my favorite writers, Scott Goldenberg. Jeff Ludes shot the backplates and elements to be retouched into the final images. All cars were created using CGI. I directed the camera angle, lighting, and retouching, with the guidance of Terry Medwig.

Creative Director: Lynne Grigg
Associate Creative Director: Terry Medwig
Art Director: April Larivee
Director of Copy: Meg Crabtree
Copy Writer: Scott Goldenberg
Art Producer: Carmen Lam
Photographer: Jeff Ludes
Producer: Michael Jackson
CGI: Armstrong White