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Jesse James Industrial Workwear

Jesse set out to build a brand of workwear, which was designed from years of experience in his shop where he saw first hand what worked and what didn't. The workwear was sold in select Walmarts across the US and aimed to bring quality clothing to working people. A tour was kicked off in 2008 where Jesse and our team held events at county fairs and Walmarts to promote the new line. Thanks to his fame from West Coast Choppers, the amount of people that came to see him was remarkable and line was well received. I was part of a tight team of people working in-house, and we were directed by Paula Neff. My involvement extended to every part of the brand, from the logo development concepts, packaging design, tags, trim design, POP, product photography, website, and tour booth. Working in the West Coast Choppers shop provided the perfect environment for spontaneous photoshoots and creative inspiration.

Creative Director: Paula Neff
Art Directors: April Larivee, Chhun Tang
Branding Photography: Dan Winters
Illustrators: Chris Martin, Jason Cruz
Apparel Director: Lori Edwards-Polakoff