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Infiniti QX50

I was part of the new Infiniti direction for brand and product storytelling. The assets I created are now used in the global and regional brochures, the digital brochure, and on their website. This project was one of the first brochures concepted and shot with the new look and feel we developed for collateral and web. Besides being part of the team that developed the new overall brand direction and layout, My personal responsibilities included: working with a writer to develop the concept and story told in video and still assets; art direction for all photos and video; and working with the team, which included a storyboard artist, scouts, stylists, photographer, videographer, retouchers, editors and colorists. We also created CGI images in conjunction with ACD Scott Izuhara to find angles, lighting and retouching. We shot this book in Spain over the course of a few weeks from Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid and various places in the countryside.

Creative Director: Chad Weiss

Associate Creative Director: Scott Izuhara

Art Director: April Larivee

Copy writer: Abe Kwak

Art Producer: Tony Shear

Photography: HE&ME

Director of Photography: Timo Plogstedt

Producer: Jean Francois

Editor - SpotBot Inc

CGI: Armstrong White