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American Hot Rods & Dirt Track

Design work celebrating the rich history of Southern California racing. In these projects we designed apparel branding for a pitch to create a line of clothing for Ascot Park and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). 

National Hot Rod Association

The direction of this line of apparel was inspired by the history of the NHRA. We were granted access to the Wally Parks Museum in Glendora to obtain original illustration, typography and photography. These original images and designs were inspiration for the designs and aesthetic of the line.

Ascot Park

Ascot Park was a dirt racetrack in Los Angeles with a rich history and diehard fans. We pitched a line of apparel celebrating the history of the track. A wooden box was proposed to house a leather jacket with a poster design printed in the silk lining. .

Creative Director: Paula Neff
Designer: April Larivee
Apparel Director: Lori Edwards-Polakoff